Nicolas Cage Multimedia
Nicolas Cage Wav Files

These are wav files from various Nic Cage movies, some are in poor quality and require you to turn up your speakers to hear them properly. They are all in .wav format, which you would need Microsofts Media Player or Win-amp to play these.

Family Man- Nicolas signing to his wife (first part) at her birthday party
Family Man- Nicolas signing to his wife (second part) at her birthday party
Face Off- "I think the messiah is f'in boring
Face Off "I hate it when you call me bro
Family Man The CAKE scene (part two)
Family Man The CAKE scene (part one)
Face Off "Casing fit like a condom
ConAir -You can't control it
Conair I'm DEA do you know what that means?
Conair "You're Cameron Poe- I'm Larken
Conair Good night
FaceOff Lets go lets go im bored lets go
FaceOff If I let you suck my ...
FaceOff- You only have one bullet left
FaceOff Halleuh
Family Man-Has she been to the city?(poor quality)
ConAir-Sees his little girl for the first time
FaceOff-To hide our famous faces
Conair Dont you want to get high?
FamilyMan Oh yeah baby you make me so hot
FamilyMan Second part to HOT
FamilyMan birthday signing again
FamilyManIsnt that a little corny?
FaceOff-y ou watch you f'in mouth
FaceOff- Ready for the big ride
Conair Horay for the sound of f'in silence
FaceOff Stay away from downtown
FamilyMan Why dont u stop by
FamilymanSigning again at her birthday party
ConAir What the hell do you think you are doing
FamilyMan out for our anniversery-

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