Nicolas Kim Coppola (Cage) b.1964:

Name(At Birth): Nicolas Kim Coppola
DOB: January 7th 1964
POB: Long Beach California
Parents: August Coppola, Joy Vogelsang
Siblings: Christopher Coppola (Director&Actor), Marc Coppola
Extended Family: Francis Ford Coppola
Family: Weston Coppola Cage -son(from relationship with Kristina Fulton)

Nicolas Coppola knew what he wanted to do from a very young age. With himself, and his brother's help, Nicolas would record and film himself in various 8mm movies. He loved to play out different roles,and challenges. Nicolas wanted to so much do something more, something with meaning. He did some acting in high school (Beverly Hills High), and went on to star in a few bit parts.

His first role was a little part in the movie 'Fast Times At Ridgemont High' with (then friend) Sean Penn. Nicolas then went on to do such movies as 'Rumble Fish', 'Racing With The Moon', 'Birdy' (which won a Sundance Festival Award).

But he was not really noticed as a serious actor until he jumped into the role as 'Randy' in the movie 'Valley Girl'. People found his charactor portrayl of 'Randy' as mystifying, and very kewl. Randy broke a lot of girls hearts, and made Nicolas a bigger star. Over time he took on other roles, such as the role in "Peggy Sue Got Married". Cher wanted him for the movie "Moonstruck" and would not film until he was cast, oppesite herself. The movie made Cher a star, and made Nicolas wanted more, and respected more in his Hollywood Community.

Later on in the years, he filmed such movies as "Honeymoon in VegaS", "Vampires Kiss" , "Kiss Of Death". But it wasn't until 1996 when Nicolas won a Best Actor Oscar for his role as Ben the alcohalic who wanted to drink himself to death, in the movie "Leaving Las Vegas" that made him a star. Nicolas has also gained more respect in the film community. He was slated to play Superman in the remake "Superman Lives", but since the project has taken too long, Nicolas decided it was time to move on. To this day, he has been known as a chameleon of sorts, one of which who can step in a role, any role, and make it his own.

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